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MATH­EXP experimental mathematics

MATHEXP develops and implements symbolic and seminumerical computational methods to deal with special functions and numbers in experimental mathematics. Our objectives span a range of topics from fundamental algorithms to applications in combinatorics, number theory, statistical physics, quantum mechanics, and algebraic geometry, pushing forward the limits of computability and efficiency.

Experimental mathematics is the study of mathematical phenomena by computational means. Computer algebra is the art of doing effective and efficient exact mathematics on a computer. MATHEXP develops both themes in parallel, in order to discover and prove new mathematical results, often out of reach for classical human means. It is our strong belief that modern mathematics will benefit more and more from computer tools. We ambition to provide mathematical users with appropriate algorithmic theories and implementations.


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We organize the MATHEXP seminar.


Where we are

This Inria team is part of the Inria Saclay Centre, with offices located in the Alan Turing building in Palaiseau.

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